Integrated Security Support for Business Membership

Get the information and training you need to provide the highest level of protection for your entire business!

In This Membership You Will Get:

Current and Future Podcast Freebies - Get instant access to all current and future podcasts along with any additional information that is supplemental to protecting your business

Curated WordPress Security Training - Curated training videos focused on teaching you the steps you need to ensure that you protect your site and business

Access to Pro-Tip of the Week Videos - Videos each week designed to walk you through security related products that are focused on the security of your site, business, and home

Printable Worksheets, eBooks, and Training Guides – Guides, Tools, and written training documents to educate and promote security within your Word Press website

Weekly Security Vulnerability Notifications – Receive notifications of news, vulnerabilities, and updates affecting WordPress and your business 

Life-Time Volume Updates - Receive life-time updates and additions to WordPress Security Daily Training

Rebranded Training Materials – Individualized security-training materials, which can be rebranded to fit you and your client’s needs. 

Access to Cyber Risk Self-Assessments – Get immediate access to tailored Information Security Self-Assessments for your particular business (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge for this training? 

The training you will receive in my integrated training is exclusive to WordPress Security Daily and the traditional cost for this type of training can exceed $300 USD/hour. I understand that this price point can be overwhelming and a cost that many small businesses don’t feel that they can afford. Therefore, I wanted to provide industry training at an affordable price for entrepreneurs like myself. 

How often will you contact me? 

I publish podcasts each week on Tuesday and you can expect it to be notified when the podcast hits the streets. In addition, you will be receiving a weekly News, Vulnerabilities, and Updates email detailing some of the big things hitting the news over the past week. Lastly, anytime I add additional training to the site that is exclusive for my paid members you will get an update. 

How long do I have access to the training documents? 

You have life-time access to my foundational / WordPress security training, but the fee for my integrated and advanced training is an annual reoccurring charge. The reason for this charge is to offset the time required to keep this specialized information current and updated. 

How often do you update the member’s area? 

The specialized training is updated on a monthly basis. You will always have access to my FREE content, but I will make various detailed updates each month to the specialized training that is resident within WordPress Security Daily. When I update a training course, you will get an update ensuring you are aware of the most current changes regarding WordPress and business security.