30,000 WordPress sites are hacked each day!

I will help you to make sure yours isn't one of them!


Are you worried that your WordPress site is going to be hacked?

Has your WordPress site been hacked and you didn't know what to do? 

Are you ready to waste time and money attempting to recover your site from hackers!

Let me show you how to Reduce the chances of it being you!

 Cost of Being Hacked


7.5 Days

Attempting to recover your site


$2500 (Minimum)

Loss in revenue and time  

Never to Return


Overall Search Traffic



Search Results, if flagged by Google

*Wordfence - Hacked Sites Suffer Long Term Search Ranking Penalties

WordPress Security Daily's training programs are an excellent resource for any web agency, freelancer, or online entreprenuer needing get the security knowledge they need to best protect the WordPress websites they manage. 

Shon Gerber


"WP Security Daily not only explains the need for Wordpress security but they also give practical and usable advice to help anyone secure their website. Anytime that I am in need of wordPress security I will without a doubt be turning back to WP security daily. Thanks for all your help" 

Anthony Witt - Founder of The Champion Entrepreneur. 

 "First of all, Shon is a great person who really knows his area of work. His expertise in the security field is a great asset for all developers and entrepreneurs who would like to wrap their head around WordPress security. I had the pleasure to use the training courses on wpsecuritydaily.com and I can only say that everything you need is there. "

Marko Pajk - Site Security Hero at Automation Agency

What can you expect from our courses?

Detailed descriptions and step by step instruction to secure your WordPress site....Immediately!

Best security plugins to use along with easy step setup guides

Proactive measures you can put in place to limit your exposure from being hacked

Tools needed to manage and overcome the hassle of your site being hacked

What our courses cannot do!

No training course can guarantee that your site won't get hacked, to include this one....there are just too many variables!

In-depth and deep dive WordPress security coding

Provide every WordPress security nuance known to man....but we will work hard on gettting there!

So....what are your training options?

Specialized Training Volumes – Tailored training videos that focus on specific subject areas that you can configure yourself to secure your WordPress website

Printable Worksheets, eBooks, and Training Guides – Guides, Tools, and written training documents to educate and promote security within your Word Press website

Weekly Security Vulnerability Notifications – Recieve notifications of security vulnerabilites affecting WordPress and various plugins

One Year of Volume Updates - Depending on your package you will recieve any updates and additions that may affect the volume you purchased

Rebranded Training Materials – Individualized security training materials, which can be rebranded to fit you and your client’s needs. 

WordPress / Business Security Audit – A self-paced audit with a detailed evaluation of your current security posture with reccomendations to better secure your business

A few of courses you can expect to see!

Securing WordPress in 30 minutes or Less 

Step-by-Step instruction on how you can secure your WordPress Website in 30 minutes or less allowing you time to focus on what is important to you now

Ultimate Hacked Recovery 

If the unfortunate occurs, this training provides you all the tools you need to make sure that if you are hacked you are prepared and ready to go

Best Security Plugins / Configuration 

Provides you the best security plugins to use and most importantly how to configure them to provide maximum protection to your WordPress site

Stopping / Reducing Spam

Detailed training on protecting you from all types of spam that may be plaguing your WordPress website 

......and so much more!

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