WordPress Security Support for Business (FREE) Membership

Get the information and training you need to immediately secure your Small / Medium Business WordPress site from Hackers!

In This Membership You Will Get:

Current and Future Podcast Freebies - Get instant access to all current and future podcasts along with any additional information that is supplemental to protecting your business

Curated WordPress Security Training - Curated training videos focused on teaching you the steps you need to ensure that you protect your site and business

Access to Pro-Tip of the Week Videos - Videos each week designed to walk you through security related products that are focused on the security of your site, business, and home

Printable Worksheets, eBooks, and Training Guides – Guides, Tools, and written training documents to educate and promote security within your Word Press website

Weekly Security Vulnerability Notifications – Receive notifications of news, vulnerabilities, and updates affecting WordPress and your business 

Life-Time Volume Updates - Receive life-time updates and additions to WordPress Security Daily Training

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost? 

Nothing! I offer a Advanced Membership programs for your business if your looking to to increase the security of your business.

Is this just a trail membership? 

No. This is an ongoing totally free membership. There is no trial period. Once you're in, you're in. There's nothing to pay, nothing to renew. Just keep getting great FREE WordPress and business security content.

How often will you contact me? 

I publish and make available a new podcast episode every Tuesday. I will also provide to my members additional resources and products to increase your security and reduce the risk to your business. 

How often will you update the members area? 

Every time I publish a blog post or podcast, these resources will be added to the WordPress Security Support members area. pwill be added to the Bronze Member's area.

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